Home Loan Evaluations

Home loan evaluations are geared to provide as much information as possible about a home’s wastewater (septic) treatment system and water (well) supply system as possible.  We research:

  • well logs and permit files (they give information about the amount of water – gallons per minute the well can produce, the depth of the well, size, if the well meets code requirements, etc)
  • septic pumper records (they give information about the maintenance of the system)
  • permit files (they give information about the size and design of the system)
  • on-site evaluation (we look for signs of septic system failure by using a special tracing dye, tile probing, and effluent sampling when warranted)

It is wise to have an evaluation done before you purchase a home.  You’ll be protecting yourself as much as possible from having to replace the well or wastewater treatment system.  Of course we cannot guarantee that your well or wastewater treatment system will work trouble free for you.  Much depends upon:

  • how many people live in the home
  • is the system sized properly?
  • how much water is used (including laundry)
  • age of the system
  • home maintenance (do you have toilets that “run” constantly or “drippy” faucets?)