Meth Cleanup Information

Methamphetamine (meth) use and production pose many threats to public health.  Studies by national research centers and public health agencies demonstrate conclusively that active meth labs pose a public health hazard through chemical exposures, the risk of fire or explosion to anyone within the structure as well as to first responders at the onset of a meth lab seizure.  Less is known about the public health threat posed by chemical residuals left behind in the indoor environment of a former meth lab.

Currently there are no national or state standards or guidelines that prescribe how to properly clean a meth lab.  However, some states have established their own clean-up standards.  Although these state governments have the authority to require clean-up of former lab sites, the standards are based upon the detection limits of the analytical equipment used and are not health-based clean-up standards.  The Environmental Public Health Division does offer a step-by-step procedure.  Give us a call at 419.485.3141.  You can also visit the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Bureau of Environmental Health at: