Mold Cleanup Information

There are no standards for mold.  It is similar to other allergens – some people are allergic to it while others are not.  If you rent your home, you may wish to call Legal Aid (1.888.534.1432) or First Call for Help (211).  These agencies can inform you on your rights as a renter to try and resolve housing conditions that may be contributing to mold in the home.

Steps you can take to clean and eliminate mold:

  • eliminate moisture sources (leaking roof, plumbing, windows, damp basements, etc.) by making necessary repairs
  • clean/kill the mold by using a bleach-water solution (1cup bleach to 5 gallons water)
  • paint surfaces with a sealant such as KILZ then paint surfaces with standard paint
  • remove or sanitize carpeting and padding as needed
  • utilize dehumidifiers in basements or where moisture cannot be eliminated
  • utilize indoor air cleaning devices that have an active carbon filter AND hepa filter in each unit you purchase
  • avoid ionizing air filters and ones that do not have an active carbon filter