School Health & Safety

School inspections focus on safety for children and employees.  You may wonder what we could possibly look for.  Here is a short list and why it is a concern:

  • mercury thermometers used at the nurse’s office – thermometers can break and pose an exposure risk – mercury poisoning.
  • playground equipment – assure there are no trip hazards, entrapment hazards – is equipment being maintained in good condition?
  • specialized classrooms such as art, chemistry, biology, shop, weight room – are incompatible chemicals stored, used and disposed of properly?, eyewash stations provided and working properly?, adequate safety guards on equipment and adequate supervision?
  • hallways, stairways, and exits – are they kept clear (not blocked) and are they adequately marked?
  • cafeteria/kitchen inspections conducted under Ohio Food Safety rules.

Ohio Department of Health School Environmental Health and Safety Program