Tattoo & Body Piercing

Tattoo and body piercing has become increasingly popular in recent years.  These establishments are regulated and inspected throughout Ohio.  They are licensed and inspected to assure the customer that a certain level of sanitation and safety is met.

There are plenty of people around that are willing to give you a tattoo at tattoo parties or in their own home, but just remember, unlicensed and uninspected tattoo operations put their customers at risk! The Environmental Public Health Division has received complaints from people in our County – some of them have contracted MRSA (a serious skin infection that is resistant to antibiotics) because of receiving a tattoo from an illegal tattoo operation.  Some customers of these illegal operations have had to be hospitalized and on IV antibiotics for this very serious skin infection.  Here is a short list of some of the items we review and inspect at Williams County’s licensed tattoo businesses:

  • inspection of all equipment used
  • employees are appropriately trained
  • employees know first aid
  • safety and sanitation requirements are met to prevent transmission of infectious diseases
  • sterilization equipment is maintained
  • the operator is required to maintain records of the ink and dye color lot numbers and the manufacturer of each ink and dye for each client
  • for customers under the age of 18, proper consent forms signed by the under age customer’s parent, guardian, or custodian and proof of that relationship as well as the parent, guardian, or custodian being present during the procedure
  • facilities maintained in good condition and adequate washing hands facilities
  • only dyes and inks from an established manufacturer are used
  • single use dyes or inks are used for each patron – to prevent the spread of infectious diseases

Ohio Department of Health Tattoo and Body Piercing