The Williams County Health Department is actively working toward national accreditation through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB).  This voluntary program requires the successful completion of three pre-requisites as part of the application process:

1.    Community Health Assessment
2.    Community Health Improvement Plan
3.    Strategic Plan for Williams County Health Department

Accreditation through PHAB will assist Williams County Health Department to:

*      identify performance improvement opportunities;
*      improvement management;
*      develop leadership; and
*      improve relationships with the community.

According to PHAB, the accreditation process is designed to encourage and stimulate quality and performance improvement in the health department, as well as foster greater accountability and transparency.  The accreditation standards serve as the framework for an objective evaluation process, and are based on the 10 Essential Public Health Services.

The essential public health services have been identified by nationally recognized agencies:

American Public Health Association  (
Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (
National Association of County and City Health Officials ( Institute of Medicine  (
National Academy of Sciences (
Associations of Schools of Public Health (
The Public Health Foundation (
United States Public Health Foundation

Performance Management

WCHD uses a Performance Management System to ensure the achievement of its mission and strategic priorities. WCHD systematically collects and analyzes performance data to improve public health results.

The Public Health Performance Management System is based on the Pillars of Excellence (People, Service, Quality, Growth and Finance) and has five components:

  • Visible Leadership: The commitment from administrative staff to achieving a culture of performance excellence.
  • Performance Standards: The use of organizational standards, targets, and results to improve public health practices.
  • Performance Measurement: The use of performance measures to assess the achievement of results.
  • Reporting Progress: The documentation and reporting of how standards and targets are met; being accountable and sharing results with everyone.
  • Quality Improvement: An ongoing process that manages change and leads to achieving measurable improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of policies, programs, and results.

WCHD’s Annual Performance Measures are below:
2017 Performance Measures
2016 Performance Measures
2015 Performance Measures

Quality Improvement

WCHD is committed to the development and expansion of a quality improvement culture to ensure the provision of high quality services. Quality Improvement is an integral part of a learning organization: using data when making decisions to improve policies, programs, and outcomes.

WCHD maintains a Quality Improvement (QI) Plan that is monitored and implemented by the QI Council to provide guidance about how to improve quality throughout the organization. The QI Plan describes the processes and activities that will be put into place to ensure quality deliverables are produced consistently and are continuously improved.

Some of the major QI Projects completed by WCHD staff are below:
2017 Infectious Disease QI Storyboard
2016 Customer Satisfaction QI Storyboard
2015 Immunization Rates QI Storyboard