Data reports

Data and Reports

The Williams County Health Department continuously collects, analyzes, and reports health-related data to monitor the health status and wellbeing of Williams County residents. Use this page to find health data for Williams County residents or links to other state and federal health data resources.

Data is intended to inform the community, including policymakers, medical personnel, researchers, community-based organizations, government agencies, and individuals to understand and respond to diseases, threats, and underlying conditions impacting our health. Click on a topic to view data and reports related to the selected topic.

Behavioral Health

Prenatal Smoking Trends Report

Prenatal Smoking Trends Report 2016-2020

This report contains trends data on women in Williams County who gave birth and their smoking status during pregnancy.

Chronic Diseases

Cancer in Williams County Review

Cancer in Williams County 2017-2021

In this report, cancer data is analyzed providing an overview of cancer incidence and deaths. Zip codes, stage at diagnosis, and demographics are reviewed.

Infectious Diseases


COVID-19 Update – 2023

These links provide up-to-date information about COVID-19 within Williams County and Ohio:

Flu & Pneumonia Vaccination Comparison 2013

Flu & Pneumonia Vaccination Comparison 2010-2013

This report shows vaccination trends for flu and pneumonia in Williams County.

Geographical Clustering of STD in Rural Ohio

Geographical Clustering of Sexually Transmitted Infections – 2017

This report reviews the incidence rates of sexually transmitted diseases across Williams County.

Viral Hepatitis C in Williams County- 2017

Vital Hepatitis C in Williams County, Ohio – 2017

This report provides information on chronic hepatitis C cases in Williams County from 2013-2016.

Mortality/Birth Data

Williams County Child Fatalities Review – 2013-2023

This report includes a review of child deaths that occurred during a 10-year period, from
2013-2023 in Williams County and the factors that contributed.

Mortality Report

Williams County Mortality Report – 2017-2021

This report analyzes birth certificate death data to determine the leading causes of death in Williams County from 2017-2021.

Ohio Infant Mortality Data

Ohio Infant Mortality Data – 2014

This report shows the infant mortality trends data of Williams County for 2014.

Social Determinants of Health

Health Equity Report – 2022

This report compares census tracts in Williams County to identify potential differences in healthy opportunities or health outcomes.

Williams County Access to Care Report – 2023

This report examines and identifies the barriers for receiving medical and mental healthcare services for
Williams County residents.

Other Reports

Williams County Lead Report Cover 2018-2022

Williams County Lead Report – 2018-2022

The purpose of this report is to create awareness of the dangers of lead and to promote options to prevent lead poisoning in Williams County.


Williams County Demographics Profile

Williams County, Ohio, Demographics Profile – 2020

This report uses data from the U.S Census Bureau to show demographics for Williams County.