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Public Places


Williams County Health Department conducts inspections at all 7 public schools in the county as well as private schools.  Inspections ensure that students are given a safe and healthy learning environment to promote better performance and attendance.  Inspectors look at the condition of the buildings, the cleanliness and sanitation, as well as general safety within the buildings to ensure the well-being of the students, teachers, and staff on a day-to-day basis. 

Some examples of what inspectors are checking:

  • Playground equipment
  • Specialized classrooms (art, chemistry, biology, shop, weight room)
  • Hallways, stairways, and exits
  • Cafeteria/kitchen are licensed and inspected under Ohio Food Safety Rules



Public Swimming Pools

Public and commercial swimming pools and spas are a source of leisure, recreation, exercise, and therapy for many residents within Williams County.  Each pool facility is licensed and inspected by the Environmental Public Health Division to ensure:

  • Disinfection level of the water is adequate
  • There are no safety hazards
  • Water is free of algae and bottom of pool is clearly visible
  • Restrooms are sanitary and stocked
  • Lifeguards are up-to-date on required certifications
  • Water filtration, disinfection, and recirculation equipment are operating properly

Reminder: The Environmental Public Health Division only inspects public and commercial pools; residential/private pools are not included.



The Environmental Public Health Division licenses and inspects campgrounds in Williams County, which includes resident camps, recreational vehicle (RV) parks, combined park-camps, and temporary campgrounds.  During inspections, staff monitor the operation and maintenance of each camp to ensure the public is safe from injury, potential diseases, or contamination.  Campgrounds generally have wells to supply water to the campers an each well is routinely sampled to make sure the water is safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing.


Body Art

The Environmental Public Health Division licenses and inspects body art facilities in Williams County, which includes tattoo, piercing, and permanent cosmetics.  During inspections, staff observe procedures, review records, and monitor the overall condition/cleanliness of the facility.  We work with the operators to ensure they are providing body art services in a clean environment and that their artists have the required training and certifications.


Smoke Free Ohio

Ohio’s Smoke Free Workplace Act was implemented in 2006 and requires places of employment and public places to be smoke free.  Violations of the Smoke Free Workplace Act are investigated and enforced by the Smoke Free Workplace Program in the Bureau of Regulatory Operations at the Ohio Department of Health.

To report a suspected violation:

Call: 1-866-559-OHIO



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