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The Williams County Health Department offers several grief recovery programs with evidence-based support for those experiencing loss or serving others in grief. These free programs vary throughout the year and include one-on-one sessions and groups. Grief can stem from over 40 different types of losses, making it an emotional, not logical, response. The Grief Recovery Method® Support Group, led by a certified specialist, provides a safe space for grievers to take effective, lasting action to heal and move beyond their loss.


Grief Support 1 on 1

This program is for those who prefer to work face to face with a trained and certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist 1-on-1, rather than in a group setting. This 7-meeting format utilizes the same proven materials as the group programs in a more private setting.


Grief Support Group

Our support groups offer a safe, evidence-based environment for grievers to take effective and lasting action, no matter the type of loss experienced. These groups are led by Grief Recovery Method Specialists, trained and certified by the Grief Recovery Institute. The group meets once per week for 8 weeks.

Helping Children with Loss

The vast majority of parents find themselves at a loss when trying to help their children deal with any grieving experience that impacts them. This 4-week program is designed to teach parents, and others who work with children, the necessary tools to help children effectively deal with their broken hearts, no matter the loss they are facing.


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Call Brittany Spotts, our Grief Recovery Method Specialist, at 419-485-3141 ext. 108 or send her an email.

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