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Physical Activity

Fitting physical activity into your daily routine is very important for your overall health. The benefits of exercise extend further than weight management – regular physical activity is good for your brain, bones, muscles, heart, and immune system.

Exercise can look different for everyone; age, shape, ability, and size does not stop anyone from being able to fit in the right amount of physical activity each day.


How much physical activity do I need?

The amount of time you should spend exercising depends on many factors like how old you are, what health conditions you have, and pregnancy status.

Children between 3 and 5 years old: While there is no set amount of time children this age should be exercising, parents and caregivers should be encouraging active play as much as possible. This can range from playing catch to doing activities that involve running.

Children between 6 and 17 years old: Kids in this age range should be getting at least an hour of physical activity each day. This should include activities like running or walking and activities like climbing or push-ups.

Adults between 18 and 64 years old: Adults need less physical activity than children but should still aim for at least 150 minutes (or two-and-a-half hours) of physical activity a week. Activities for adults this age should include muscle strengthening activities like lifting weights and activities like walking or jogging.

Adults 65 and older: Adults this age should also aim for at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week. Along with activities like weight training, walking, and jogging, adults in this age range should also include activities that improve balance, like standing on one foot.

Adults with chronic health conditions: Adults with conditions and disabilities like hypertension, diabetes, history of stroke, and cognitive disorders should still be aiming for 150 minutes of physical activity a week. Many exercises can be adapted to fit individual needs.

Those who are pregnant or postpartum: If you are pregnant or postpartum, be sure to talk to your doctor who can help you adjust your physical activity. However, if you are experiencing a healthy pregnancy or postpartum period, you should still be aiming for 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Why is physical activity so important?

There are short-term and long-term benefits to getting enough exercise each day. Right away, exercising can improve your quality of sleep, lessen feelings of anxiety, and improve thinking for kids aged 6 to 13.

Regular exercise long-term can help with weight management, preventing diseases like heart disease and Type II Diabetes, bone and muscle strengthening, preventing falls, lowering premature death, and managing chronic conditions.

How can I get more physical activity?

Adding physical activity into your day to reach your recommended time can be difficult. Work, school, and family or social responsibilities can be hard to work around. However, there are some small changes you can make to reach your goals.

  • Find time to be active during other activities. This may look like doing jumping jacks during TV commercials, standing while taking meetings at work, or going for walks with friends when you spend time together.
  • Start small. Jumping into doing intense exercise right away will make physical activity harder to keep up. Start with low impact activities like walking or yoga.
  • Start short. If you feel like you don’t have the energy to reach your recommended amount of exercise per week, adding in shorter exercises can help you get there. Being active for even 10 minutes a day can help you feel more energized and motivated to add more.
  • Find an exercise buddy. Having a partner to hold you accountable (and to hold accountable!) can make exercising more fun and give you motivation to keep going.
  • Focus on eating balanced meals. Eating healthier can give you higher energy levels to sustain an exercise routine.

Where can I be active in Williams County?

Get active outdoors. Check out the following state, county, municipal & township parks located in Williams County:

  • Garver Park (Bryan)

  • Moore Park (Bryan)

  • Opdyke Park (Bryan)

  • Goldie Newman Park (Bryan)

  • Miller Park (Edgerton)

  • Walz Park (Edon)

  • Montpelier Municipal Park (Montpelier)

  • George Bible Park (Montpelier)

  • Springfield Township Park & Pavilion (Stryker)

  • West Unity Memorial Park (West Unity)

  • Parkersburg Wildlife Area (Bryan)

  • Fish Creek Wildlife Area (Edgerton)

  • Nettle Lake Mounds (Montpelier)

  • Lake La Su An Wildlife Area (Pioneer)

  • Wabash Cannonball Trail (Montpelier to West Unity)