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Safe Communities Coalition

The Williams County Health Department is dedicated to the prevention of traffic crash injury and death to individuals of all ages. As the lead agency of the Williams County Safe Communities Coalition, the Williams County Health Department partners with local law enforcement, hospital and health care providers, fire departments and emergency medical personnel, schools, businesses, and community groups to provide educational programs and resources relating to traffic safety injury prevention to keep our county a safe place to live. 

The goal of the Safe Communities program is to decrease traffic-related fatalities and injuries and associated costs, increase safety awareness and increase the number of people involved in keeping our community safe.


The Williams County Safe Communities mission is to help save lives and reduce injuries on our roads through leadership and partnering efforts with other public safety agencies and community members.

Meeting Information

Community members are welcome to join the Safe Communities Coalition to help in our efforts.  We meet quarterly throughout the year and work on projects to reduce traffic problems and help create a safer community. The coalition meets quarterly from 8:30 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

For information on dates and locations of upcoming meetings, contact coalition coordinator Peg Buda.

Strategies & Campaigns

Williams County Safe Communities Coalition strategies include public awareness resources, tools, and campaigns related to various safety issues including:

Funding and Support

Funding and support is provided by  Ohio Traffic Safety Office/Safe Communities programs to facilitate the Williams County Safe Communities Coalition and to monitor, review, and determine countermeasures to all fatalities due to traffic crashes on Williams County roadways.

The Ohio Traffic Safety Office (OTSO) provides federal funds from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to eligible entities to be used in part for, but not limited to, traffic safety education, enforcement, and awareness.